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Intellisuite Software Industrial Design Example

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  • Time of issue:2022-06-29
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Intellisuite Software Industrial Design Example

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  • Categories:Software case
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  • Time of issue:2022-06-29
  • Views:900

The lntelliSuite software can realize the complete design process of various MEMS devices from layout design, process design to device performance design and system design. It can complete the direct extraction of process simulation structure, meshing, multi-physics analysis, and parametric analysis.


01 Accelerometer Design Example

In this example, the extraction, meshing and multiphysics analysis of the process simulation structure will be demonstrated. That is, through physical-level simulation, IntelliSuite's process simulation module FabSim can provide users with a structure that accurately approximates the real results. Before meta-analysis, IntelliSuite can extract the structure of the process simulation, convert the voxel model into a geometric model, and after necessary simplification, the meshing engine can process this geometric model, build an FEA model, and use it for subsequent multiphysics Analyzing. The following example of an accelerometer is a real device designed with IntelliSuite software tools, and its design process will fully explain the powerful functions of IntelliSuite software.


1. Physical-level process simulation




2. Extract core components


3. Build the geometric model


4. Automatic meshing



5. Its working principle is that after a certain acceleration is applied to the mass block, stress is generated inside the device, and the stress affects the size of the piezoresistive resistance value, extract the piezoresistive sub-model, and then apply an appropriate load, as shown in the following figure, The potential distribution and temperature distribution of the piezoresistive sub-model are obtained, and the potential difference that can reflect the acceleration can be obtained by measuring the potentials of PAD1 and PAD3.

(load diagram)


(Electric potential cloud map)


(temperature cloud map)


6. After analysis, the performance curve of acceleration can be obtained. It can be seen from the measurement of multiple sets of data that the device has a good linear relationship.




02 Design example of optical attenuator

1. Picture of the overall structure of the device


2. The working principle diagram of the core components of the thermally driven VOA device


3. VOA device layout file: use the layout editing module Blueprint module to draw the production layout file


4. VOA device process simulation: The process flow is edited and generated in the IntelliFab module, and then the process flow simulation is done in FabSim


5. The process simulation results can directly generate a complete VOA finite element model, which can be exported to the multi-physics coupling analysis module (TEM module) for further device performance analysis


6. Finite element analysis results of the complete VOA model

(displacement result)


(Temperature Distribution)


7. VOA core component structure layout


8. Use the layout to import the 3D modeling module 3Dbuilder module to directly generate the 3D structure and divide the mesh to prepare for the next finite element analysis


9. Import this finite element model into the TEM module for device performance analysis

(Set Analysis Type)

(static analysis, thermomechanical coupling analysis)



(Material parameter setting)


(Define VOA boundary conditions and loads)


10. Obtain the analysis results of the main structure of the VOA device

(Temperature distribution result)

(Voltage distribution result)


11. Because of the influence of the inclination angle of the moving beam in the VOA device on the performance of the device, we will carry out parametric analysis in the Parametric Designer parametric analysis module, and will analyze the change of the inclination angle of the beam (as shown in the figure) and displacement relation


(Establish a parametric analysis model: Divide the inclination into 10 values, that is, establish 10 models)


(parametric analysis layout)


(Parametric Analysis Finite Element Model)


(parametric analysis process)


(parametric analysis results: analysis results of the relationship between inclination angle and displacement)

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