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Multiphysics Modules

TEM (ThermoElectroMechanical )

TEM (ThermoElectroMechanical )

It can perform thermal, electrostatic, mechanical, thermal-mechanical-electrical coupling, and fluid-structure coupling analysis in different types of static, dynamic, transient and frequency domains. ◆ Finite element and boundary element solvers; ◆ Compatible with ANSYS, PATRAN, IDEAS; ◆ Use IntelliFab module to generate finite element model or use 3DBuilder to generate 3D model of components; ◆ Define the stress gradient and add the Coriolis force to the cyclotron; ◆ Include the relationship between thermal conductivity, resistivity, thermal expansion coefficient, density and temperature; ◆ Contact analysis, piezoelectric, piezoresistive and packaging analysis; ◆ Accurate dynamic analysis of electromechanical coupling to realize dynamic electromechanical coupling simulation based on real 3D device structure; ◆ Piezoelectric transient and dynamic simulation include transient voltage differential input, transient charge density input and the influence of Squeeze Film; ◆ Eigenfrequency analysis; ◆ Capacitance matrix calculation; ◆ The complete finite element model can be obtained by a reduction method to a simplified model, which can be used for system level analysis. This reduction method is based on Arnoldi reduction method, Lagrangian mechanics and mode superposition; ◆ Macro model feature extraction, automatically generate N degrees of freedom system model. Completely record nonlinear dynamic behavior, including harmonic and sub-harmonic responses; ◆ Provide 32- and 64-bit solvers, support SMP multi-core parallel computing; ◆ Static calculation of thermoelectromotive force Seebeck effect; ◆ Static, frequency and dynamic analysis and calculation of magnetostrictive effect.


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